2021 Ampere Strategy & Roadmap Update


Ampere Altra wins rare Editor's Choice Award


Phoronix – Graviton2

Ampere Altra offered significant performance advantages over Graviton2  



It's easy to call Ampere's Altra the best Arm Linux server platform



Altra overall is an astounding achievement.


Microsoft Corp

We are pleased to see the launch of the Ampere Altra cloud optimized platform that helps bolster our hyperscale datacenter priorities around power efficiency, resiliency, telemetry and security. Ampere’s standards-based approach made it easy for us to bring up our software stack and we are actively evaluating their systems in our labs.

Dr. Leendert van Doorn, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Azure

Micron’s Storage Business Unit

Analyzing massive amounts of data while minimizing power is a priority for deep learning, artificial intelligence and high-performance cloud workloads. When paired with Micron’s robust portfolio of data center SSDs and memory, the Ampere Altra processor allows customers to maximize the value of large data sets with exceptional compute capabilities and advanced storage connectivity in low-power solutions.

Roger Peene, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy


Wiwynn is excited to expand our partnership with Ampere to introduce our novel 2-socket platform—SV328 based on the Ampere Altra processor. The SV328 supports up to 160 processor cores, up to 192 PCIe Gen 4 lanes and up to 8 TB of DDR-4-3200 memory. This provides our customers with unparalleled scalability and flexibility to build data centers with the best TCO.

Steven Lu, Vice President of Product Management

GIGABYTE Technology

We are impressed by the performance gains that Ampere is delivering. Partnering with Ampere has allowed us to begin sampling a powerful Arm-based platform and we look forward to their continued innovation to bring powerful alternatives to the cloud server market.

Andy Chen, AVP of Engineering


Lenovo is committed to providing our hyperscale customers with a variety of platform choices to meet their needs. The Ampere Altra processor promises to address platform requirements that enable scalability and performance as customers look to push the boundaries of emerging workloads. We look forward to our continued partnership with Ampere

Paul Ju, Vice President and General Manager, Hyperscale Business Unit


Hardware innovation is creating unique advantages for technology-enabled Enterprises. The Ampere Altra processor, which push the limits of both performance and efficiency, will provide our customers with a compelling new option to power their workloads. Our continued partnership with Ampere enables us to arm disruptive companies with the kind of silicon advantage previously available only to hyperscaler clouds, and we look forward to introducing the Ampere Altra processor to our lineup.

Jacob Smith, CMO and Co-Founder


Kinvolk has been working with Ampere to optimize Kubernetes on the Ampere platform and has been impressed with the scalability offered to date, especially in terms of throughput and memory I/O. With 80 cores, high-memory bandwidth and flexible I/O connectivity options, the Ampere Altra processor promises to provide an opportunity to deploy highly dense and versatile containerized applications in a cloud native environment.

Chris Kuhl, CEO


VMware continues to explore new use cases around edge compute, SmartNIC and the Cloud, leveraging Arm-based processors and working with its extensive ecosystem. We’re excited to see Ampere introduce their next-generation Ampere Altra processor. Its power efficiency and the wide range of core counts make it appealing for a variety of compute intensive applications at the edge.

Kit Colbert, Vice President and CTO, Cloud Platform Business Unit


The Ampere Altra processor with high performance and 160 cores in a two-socket platform provides developers with the performance and core density to scale easily to meet their requirements at the best economics in the industry.

Stephan Fabel, Director of Product

Oracle Corp

Oracle is thrilled to see the Ampere Altra processor being introduced today. A shared vision of innovation in cloud led to a deep technical engagement between the two companies soon after Ampere’s founding. Today, Oracle is in the final phases of developing Ampere Altra-based platforms, and we are excited to validate the performance, power and scalability benefits that Ampere Altra was designed to meet. Along with that platform work, we are optimizing our software including Oracle Linux, Oracle Java, Oracle Database for Ampere Altra. We look forward to deploying Ampere Altra in the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud.

Chief Corporate Architect

TSMC North America

TSMC is very pleased to see the results of our collaboration with Ampere in developing and manufacturing its 80-core Ampere Altra high-performance processor, which combines TSMC’s advanced N7 process technology and manufacturing excellence with Ampere’s semiconductor product and engineering development expertise.

Bradford Paulsen, Senior Vice President Business Management


The Ampere Altra processor based on the Arm® Neoverse™ N1 platform represents a significant breakthrough in performance and power efficiency for the hyperscale cloud and edge markets. The Ampere Altra, the industry’s first 80 core server processor, has focused on what is essential for today’s workloads in the datacenter, and we are proud to support Ampere in demonstrating the leading technology required to address the deluge of data in a world of a trillion connected devices.

Rene Haas, president, IP Products

Deliver the New Standard for Cloud and Edge Servers With High Performance, Power Efficiency and Better Total Cost of Ownership

Energy Efficiency of Ampere® Altra® Running Modern Cloud Workloads

Naren Nayak – Senior Director of Application Engineering

Ampere® Altra® delivers cutting-edge performance on Arm to rival its x86 counterparts, all while consuming less power across workload domains.



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