5G Calls for Big Changes in Hardware and Software

Darrin Vallis, Senior Director Field Applications Engineering

The move to 5G networks is undeniable as it promises enormous performance improvements that could fundamentally change global communications forever. Delivering a 100X speed boost compared to 4G LTE, along with latencies that are an order of magnitude or lower, 5G is capable of connecting 100 times more devices than we can today. These are huge advantages, but will only be realized by companies armed and ready with the right hardware and software that can unleash the full potential that 5G stands to offer.

In this blog, I review finding the right hardware and in my next blog I’ll talk about the importance of software and open platforms. In both cases, the industry needs to undergo big changes because meeting the higher performance levels of 5G requires a completely new infrastructure that has been built from the grounds up to specifically meet the new demands that will be placed on us.

The 5G rollout itself will take place on a massive scale and carriers need solutions that are not just fast and efficient to deploy, but also economical to buy and operate. These components also need to be reliable and minimize power consumption. For more detail on what the right hardware looks like, refer to this article in Embedded Computing, which I authored.


Controlling CapEx and OpEx

As the industry plans for this 5G build out, it is imperative that capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenditures (OpEx) are controlled. This has led to an industry-wide shift from 4G’s dedicated hardware and proprietary software to open software stacks installed on open and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platforms. However, the 5G open-source movement can only succeed if hardware is capable of meeting the performance, form factor and cost requirements to run the software. Arm-based server processors are a logical choice since they are architected for high performance, power efficiency and low TCO.

To succeed in 5G, carriers need improved network equipment with flexibility, low total cost of ownership and fast time to market.  Ampere was founded to specifically meet these needs and we are well prepared to enable the 5G ecosystem with our portfolio of high performance, power efficient and scalable Arm processors. Combined with open software stacks such as Akraino Telco Appliance and ORAN, in open hardware form factors like openEDGE, we provide carriers with compelling solutions for 5G deployment. For more information on 5G and how Ampere solutions meet these needs, read more in this white paper.


Don’t get left behind with legacy technology that can’t keep up with 5G.  Join us a we build this whole new world together with components and software designed to survive and thrive in this new day and age.

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